A Party of Surprises

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A Party of Surprises

The summer before I was to go into ninth grade my Dad got transferred to another city and that meant I had to change schools. I regretted leaving all my old friends but I looked at it as a new adventure. When I enrolled , the school administrators looked over my records and I was placed in the top academic class. I was shy . entering a situation in which I knew no one. But the teachers were great and the other kids very accepting. Mary Anne was especially nice and she invited me to go to lunchroom and eat with her and her gang of girl friends. They immediately made me feel accepted and I surmised that I was going to like my new school and classmates. I brought Mary Anne and some of the others home with me for a swim in our pool and my mother was impressed with them.

After I had been at the school a couple months Mary Anne told me her parents were going away for the weekend and she decided to have a party while they were gone. Of course they were not to know. When I asked my mother if I could go she wanted to know who was going and if any boys were going to be there. She had met and liked several of the girls and I told her I didn't know about boys but I didn't think so. She said she would call Mary Anne's mother and get the details I begged her not to , that the other girls would think I was a baby if they found out she had called but she insisted on calling anyway.A couple years ago her sister had been raped and so she was very protective of me. She wouldn't let me date and since I was 18 years old I had been going to rape prevention classes where I had learned all about the organs and what to do if a boy tried to force them into you.I was mortified as she dialed Mary Anne's number. Mary Anne answered and told her that her mother wasn't available just then but said maybe she could help. Mom asked if there would be any boys at the party and mary anne responed "Why of course not. After all we are on ninth graders "Boys would just spoil the party, " she said. "We girls just want to get together. "I knew you were a sensible young lady,"Mom said to her. After they up mom said "Of course you can go. You girls have a good talk fest.I was sure Mary Anne wouldn't do anthing improper and I feel a lot better knowing that no boys will be there." Before I left for the party She told me that she and my Dad were going out and would probably be home late. She left a number for me to call if I needed her.

I arrived at Mary Anne's house at about 8 o"clock Many of the kids were already there .Much to my amazment as I looked around I saw there were at least a dozen guys, all but one whom I had never seen before. They looked older, like juniors or seniors. One or two had mustaches and long side burns and had their hair slicked back. Mary Anne came over and greeted me when she spotted me coming in . We went over and sat with the girls from our class. "I'll get you a drink. Do you like coke?"

She brought it over to me and when I tasted it it tasted kind of strong but all the others were drinking it so I supposed it must be all right. After awhile they turned the volume up on the stereo and most of the kids got up and started to dance. I watched and when a slow dance tune was played I saw the boy
Angie was dancing with put his hand under her shirt. I felt my face flush. "My God, he was playing with her breasts right on the dance floor where everyone could see. Then I saw Angie was not alone, As I looked around every couple on the floor was doing the same thing. I began to get very uneasy. Not in my wildest dreams did I expect anything like this. A couple dances later, I saw Laura unzip a boy's pants and put her hand inside. I was getting more and more uncomfortable. Mary Anne noticed I had finished my drink and brought me a refill and a bowl of pretzels

As I was sitting there watching, this tall muscular boy came over. "You"re new here, aren't you? What's your name"
"Kim,. Kim Smart." I said weakly.
"I'm Ronnie Carlson. You'll get to know me. I play wide receiver on the football team." Then he took my hand and pulled me up. "Come on , Kim . Let's dance."
I didn't want to but all the girls were watching me and I didn't want them to think I was immature so we started dancing. When I put my arms on him he was so hard, so muscular that it almost me. We danced to the center of the dance floor. Then I felt his hand under my shirt and moving up toward my breast. I was terrified. I didn't know what to do. Then he cupped his hand over one of my breasts. "Shit, you little fuck. You got a bra on." He gave me a push and walked away. real forced anal against her will My girl friends at our table had been watching and they were roaring laughing. " Gees, I'm sorry, Kim." Mary Anne said. "I should have told you not to wear a bra." My face aglow, I sat down and took a long drink.

It must have been about ten o"clock when Mary Anne turned the music off and said, "Okay, it's time for the contest. All you guys get in xnxxv sunny leone video a line over there and you girls line up against the wall. Everyone went where they were told. I went with the girls. I had just finished my third coke and for some reason I was feeling kind of light headed. Then Mary Anne took a magic marker and wrote a number on the forehead of each girl. Then she said, "Ok girls. Shirts off." They all giggled and pulled their shirts off. None of the others had bras on. I hesitated and Mary Anne said, "Come on , Kim, Off with it. And that bra too."
I was too intimidated to protest and so I took off my shirt and bra and stood there half naked, trying to cover my nakedness with my folded arms." Now we"re are going to have the jury vote on the queen of tits., Mary Anne announced." Ok you guys , start you"re engines. Give me the number of the girl you think has the best pair of boobs. "
The guys had been standing in line laughing, joking and gawking started to move along the line of bare breasted women. Each boy would stand in front of a girl, feel her boobs, twirl their fingers around their erect nipples and some would bend down and give a boob a quick suck. I was mortified and dreaded the hand of the first approaching boy. " He squeezed , played with my nipples and then took my breasts in his two hands and pushed them togther on his face. " Very nice . Not very big but you"re getting there." Most boys didn't say anything to me as they moved down the line, laughing and joking and doing pretty much what the first boy did. One boy said to me, "I like the way they stick out , nice and firm and delicious to the tongue. "I felt a bit flattered . I never thought I had enough there for anyone to notice."

As the boys reached the end of the line their vote was recorded by Mary Anne. Then she said. "We have a winner. The boob queen is, regrettably not me. Number 5, Cindy Lofton. "Everyone broke out in cheers and applause. Cindy danced to the center of the floor and shook her body so her boobs swayed back and forth. The guys were all cheering and shouting "Shake those boobs baby."
I looked around for my top and it wasn't there. Someone had scooped up all the girl's shirts and put them somewhere. We all went back to our tables half naked and had another coke and some chips. The music started again and the boy who had complimented me on my breasts came over and asked me to dance. I was a bit dizzy as I got up and he reached out and steadied me. " I think you"re really , " he said.
I didn't know what to say so I said "I think you"re cute too. "As we danced he put his hand on my bare breast. I didn't have the courage to push it off so as he played with it I began to feel my blood rushing through my body and my vagina twitch and I knew it was oozing liquid. As we danced he reached his hand down . I didn't know what he was doing but when he brought his hand back up I could feel something pushing into my abdomen. He took my hand and put it down there. "So this is what a boy's feels like, "I thought. It was so hard and thick I could hardly get my fingers around it. "He kissed me as we danced. "Like my cock?" he asked.
I didn't know what to say "Yes" I said. "It seems very nice. Is it always like this?"
He laughed " Yeah, every time I get a babe like you in my arms. How"d you like to suck on it?"
"What?" I asked astonished. I was scared. This wasn't what I had expected..
" Bet you"ve never done it. Come on, we'll go over there. You"re going to love it."